Quote of the Day

I’m going to try and post the funniest thing I hear every day. So here goes…

Ryan is on a science kick lately. Today he wanted to know all about the planets – especially the sun. I tried to explain that, well, the sun really isn’t a planet, but that didn’t go over too well. So the sun stays a planet for now. Pick your battles. Ryan’s favorite thing about the sun, he says, is that when it’s nighttime the sun goes into outer space.

Ryan has also been fascinated by the weather of late. He explained to me the inner workings of the atmosphere today:

Dad, look at those clouds. Wow. Sometimes grass and water go into the sky and into the clouds, and that’s what makes the wind.

Hey WAVE-3, I’ve got your John Belski replacement right here.


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I'm a father of three. I write software. I play music.
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